Serving God’s Kingdom: Persevering Exhaustion and Unfulfillment

I think sometimes we forget that our husbands and children are God’s people. We serve others outside our home with such enthusiasm and generosity but can have a begrudging attitude about the people we claim to love most in this world. Our tendency to this, I believe, is because we don’t get any recognition for doing our work day in and day out. We do what we have to do because we have to do it. When others outside our homes need help, we do it because we love Christ, yes, but there’s also an element of feeling good about ourselves. Often, I tend to do better for near-strangers than my own household.


Blackberries: Seven Lessons from the Blackberry Patch

There is just something special about walking up and down the berry patch, picking berries with my own two hands and suffering all the sticks because of it. My backyard berry patch isn’t just an overgrown mess of weeds and berries. It is a still, sacred place where I can be alone with my Creator, letting Him lead me through the briers, listening to His still small voice and adoring Him in the quiet beauty of creation.


Follow: Laying Down Our ‘SELF’ in Obedience to God

There is a passage in Luke, which I have read since childhood, subtitled, “The Cost of Discipleship”. In my past Bible’s, it was in red letters. I imagine over the years I have secretly, self-righteously judged the people to whom Jesus spoke these words, but as I’ve grown older it has become easier to see myself in them…


Work: Persevering Through Exhaustion to Serve God’s Kingdom

Day to day tasks and work can feel unfulfilling, causing exhaustion. We must persevere through negative attitudes to continue serving God’s Kingdom. Don’t grow tired of doing good… I know it’s easier said than done. I know because I’m exhausted with it. Exhausted I’m exhausted from homeschooling my children so they will be trained in… Continue reading Work: Persevering Through Exhaustion to Serve God’s Kingdom

Devotional · Stay Sane

Purge: Valuing God’s Treasure and Letting Go of Our Own

So often, we place a higher value on the “things” we possess than what they deserve. When we fail to purge our lives of the temporary treasure, we can’t grasp the eternal treasure God has in store for us.  Purge… I LOVE this word! I love the action, I love the freedom and clarity. I’ve… Continue reading Purge: Valuing God’s Treasure and Letting Go of Our Own