Life is often spent striving to get it all done, so we can feel like we have arrived. But this is not what we were called to do.


Here’s the honest…

I love checking stuff off of my to do list, I love completing projects, I love to be done with the process so I can move on to a new thing in hopes that one day I will finally have arrived.

Here’s the truth…

We are told in Matthew 28:19 to go, we are NOT told to arrive. So embrace the journey, embrace the process, and embrace who God has created you to be.

About the author
Growing up, my mother constantly challenged me to stay calm, cool, and collected, despite the chaos around me. I have yet to accomplish this, but running and Jesus sure do help.

My “chaos” includes being a wife, a mom to 3 very active children, and an extremely hyper, fluffy, white dog that we call Miss Scarlet.