We all need to be surrounded by people to challenge us to be our better self. These are six examples of people who will support and help you be who you were created to be.

This past week I decided to do a whirlwind trip back to Greenville, South Carolina. I needed to pick up new items that will be appearing soon in the shop, and I was feeling a bit homesick for the town and the people. So on Monday morning I sent my oldest son off to school (we have year round school here), packed up my younger two, and hit the road. One potty stop, and four hours later we arrived and accomplished the first goal of the trip, picking up the items. After that was accomplished, it was on to hug some necks. And boy, did I ever hug! Good, soul-filling hugs.

I got to hug the neck of a sweet lady who is experiencing deep grief at the moment. Then I got to hug and drink coffee with a friend while we watch our kiddos run and play. After being revitalized there, I pulled myself away to have dinner and stay the night with the most giving and gracious woman I have ever known. My whole time knowing her, she has inspired me to be kinder and more generous, and she gives great hugs too! The next morning I went back to my old cycle class at the YMCA. So many people I love in one place at one time. I got to hug the precious lady who is in charge of the child watch. I love that woman, she has touched more lives than she will ever know. I got to hug so many friends while I was there. So many sweaty hugs were to be had! But I still wasn’t done… I then met up with a friend for brunch who continually impresses me with all that she juggles, and all that she accomplishes. I didn’t want to leave, I could have sat with her all afternoon, but alas, my 2 year old was beginning to melt down, and I needed to hit the road so I could be home before my son got off the bus that afternoon.

My heart was so full after that 24 hours. I was able to see so many people that have encouraged me, helped me, and challenged me over the last few years. There were so many more who I wished I could have seen, but there was only so much I could do in the little time I had. Many of these women were the inspiration for a blog post I had written a couple years ago, so I wanted to share it again.

If you are ever struggling with your day, or week, or even year, these people will be there to keep you going, or in some cases, keep you still. They love you and want what is best for you and your family. These are…

The 6 People You Absolutely Need in Your Life

The Dreamer: This is the person that is always coming up with ideas. Every time you see them they have a new adventure planned and one for you as well.

!!!!Warning, don’t be tempted to lose focus and get off the path you are on.

The Motivator: This is the person that once you have an idea, they tell you should go for it. They think you are the best at whatever it is that you are doing, or at least make you feel that you are.

!!!!Warning, don’t let this prompt you to act before you are ready.

The Brainstormer: This is the person that will keep you going once you have an idea or plan by keeping your mind focused on what you can do to keep improving.

!!!!Warning, planning is a good thing, but be sure to take action after you have done your planning.

The Realist: This is the person that will keep you in check and not allow you to run too far ahead.

!!!!Warning, this can feel like discouragement, but that is not the intent.

The Questioner: This is the person that will ask challenging questions to make you think through all the steps. The questions are not to discourage or encourage. Just to make you think through every possible angle.

!!!!Warning, nothing will ever have all the kinks worked out, don’t let this immobilize you.

The Encourager: This is the person that will shower you with compliments and make you feel like you are changing the world. And they will do this just about the time you want to give up.

!!!!Warning, this person loves you and what you do, don’t let it cause you to think higher of yourself than you should.

Some of the people in your life will have more than one of these traits. Or you may have multiples of one kind of people in your life. Life is too complicated and busy to spend time on discouraging thoughts. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and challenge you!

Life is too complicated and busy to spend time on discouraging thoughts. Click To Tweet

Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and challenge you! Click To Tweet


I love those people back in South Carolina, and am thankful to be finding more of those people here in North Carolina. I could not have pulled this trip off without the help of friends and neighbors. I am truly blessed!

So what about you? Who do you have in your life that encourages you to be who you were created to be?



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About the author
Rachael Smith motivates women to break free from the lies they have believed and live a life of freedom, teaching that God's truth allows us to be who we are created to be. She has a passion for women, and a willingness to walk through the hard stuff with them.

This calling on her life led her to begin, and grow a nonprofit that works with young women who have aged out of foster care. Rachael believes we all have the ability to redeem the past and change the future.

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  1. I loved your post. I have so many different friends in my life who bring different things into it. I will share this post with them.

    1. Thank you Michelle! I hope it blesses your friends to know how much they mean to you!

  2. To me, this post highlights that God created variety, and that variety with in humanity, has a wonderful PURPOSE. Thank you for appreciating God’s design, and helping your readers to also!

    1. I too love that we were created with variety and need each other to be complete. Thank you!

  3. You blessed us with your visit. I don’t know how you do it all, save for your faith in God and your deep connections with others and understanding of self. Thanks for filling my bucket!

    1. Friend, there is never enough time to spend with you. I cherish our friendship!!

  4. I felt so blessed reading these because I could see my husband as all of these! I know I need more than that, and I am blessed to have more, but boy am I sure lucky to have him!!

    1. That is such a blessing to have your husband as support. You are blessed indeed!

  5. I’m so glad I got to be on the receiving end of one of those hugs! It was one of the best I’ve had in a long time, and much needed. Thank you.

    1. I was so happy it worked out to see you! I was bummed when you said you couldn’t be there, so it was such a great surprise!!

  6. Beautiful! What a unique observation of Humanity and our connected strengths 🙂

  7. I find that hugs are essential for life. So many people use the motto (or something similar), “insert coffee to operate,” but mine is, “requires hugs to operate.” I love the six types of people you talked about, along with their warnings. So much miscommunication could be avoided if we just understood one another better, and aimed to love well.

  8. This is great! I had all of these places in the last community I was in, but am lacking a few now. Great post- thanks!

    1. It’s difficult moving to a new community. I’m praying for your support system to be complete, and for you to have peace as you grow into a greater dependence on the Lord.

  9. I love this. It’s such a simple reminder that we all need someone sometimes.. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. Great post! It’s so beautiful to see how God uses our unique gifts and personalities to strengthen one another.

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