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Life is busy and noisy. It takes being intentional with our priorities to be still and quiet, finding space to hear God’s voice, and follow His guidance.

As you know, I’m a planner. I like to have everything laid out just so on my schedule and roll down my check lists like an advancing army. If I have anything left undone I have a hard time moving on or stopping.

For years now I have been “on go” until I am so exhausted that I can’t take another step. Then I am so lazy and lethargic that I can’t move for a week. By then the next thing is coming around and the whole cycle starts all over again.

But I am learning the art of rest.

When I am in a frantic season of life and everything is on “GO”, my time becomes so limited. I neglect myself, my husband, and unfortunately God.

I have been seeing this more clearly lately and know that I have some priority shifting to do. God is my father. He is the creator that gives me breath and life. Clearly he should come first.

Life is busy and noisy. It takes being intentional with our priorities to be still and quiet, finding space to hear God's voice, and follow His guidance.

Priorities: Finding Space

In reflecting on this I can see that God is asking me to re-evaluate my priorities and give Him the ability to work in my life. It is in the quiet peaceful moments of life that I can experience God most. Therefore, I need to create these times (or leave time for these moments) more often. I try to start my day off with God and end my day with Him as well. Often I get distracted and start thinking about other things or worse – fall asleep. I totally get the disciples falling asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Then he came back to the disciples and found them asleep; they could not keep their eyes open. And they did not know what to say to him.

Mark 14:40, GNT

I recently was reading a new bible study called “Whisper: How to Hear the Voices of God” by Mark Batterson. He asks a question that stopped me in my tracks “Are we human doings or human beings?” I think I am often a human doing and then a human exhausted.

I am often a human doing and then a human exhausted...It is time to be a human being. Click To Tweet

As a teacher in a year round school I work for nine weeks then take three weeks off. My son has after school activities three days a week after school. On those days we often don’t get home till seven o’clock. I try to cook dinner at least 4 days a week. Our daughter plays college soccer and we go to all of her home games. That means we are on the road about two days a week from August through November. We are so busy that our house does not get cleaned like it should, our clothes can sometimes get piled up before I do laundry and the dishes occasionally spend the night in the sink.

I’m not trying to impress you with craziness, but show you I am just an ordinary wife, mother and teacher trying to “fit it all in”. What I am beginning to see as well is that I am a daughter of God and I need to give him a proper space in my life. It is time to be a human being.

Life is busy and noisy. It takes being intentional with our priorities to be still and quiet, finding space to hear God's voice, and follow His guidance.

Guidance: Hearing God’s Voice

The Lord says, “I will teach you the way you should go; I will instruct you and advise you. Don’t be stupid like a horse or a mule, which must be controlled with a bit and bridle to make it submit.” (Psalms 32: 8-9, GNT) This struck me in the same way as the question. Maybe I have been stupid for quite a while now. I have so much noise from the world: do this, go here, be this, achieve that, see this, hear that, think about this… I need to realize it is within my power to control this. It is time to be more thoughtful about the time and place I speak with my father daily. I can ask him for guidance and discernment in choosing my priorities.

So I’m making this pronouncement now to all of you in the hopes that I will be more faithful about my prayer time/quiet time. I will put God first in my day. Instead of trying to pray while I am getting ready in the morning, I will start my day with my bible and my prayer journal. I will find a quiet space in my house or as the weather warms up, out on my back deck. As I’m writing down my prayers I will focus on Your will.

Dear Father,

Thank you for answering my prayers faithfully. I know that you have been telling my for a while to stop and listen more carefully. Help me stay faithful to my promise to focus on You and less on the world.



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Life is busy and noisy. It takes being intentional with our priorities to be still and quiet, finding space to hear God's voice, and follow His guidance.

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Heather Molaro
These blurbs always make me crazy. Am I saying enough, too much, the right things, the wrong things? Number one thing I want you to know about me is that I LOVE my God! He is the reason for everything. I have a wonderful husband, two kids who light up my world, and am an elementary school teacher, which keeps me super busy. My new calling has been writing. I pray that through God's grace the words that I write are His desires for you and me.

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  1. What a great reminder of being quiet before the Lord and remembering He’s the One who orders our steps for the day! I also find myself busy and trying to check everything off my list. But I’m so drained by the end of the day when I do that! I’m most refreshed when I spend time coming to God at the beginning of my day and then also throughout my day. Thanks for the truth you brought here!

    1. I am still practicing the quiet. I know God is leading me. I just have to stop long enough to follow Him.

  2. You are a constant reminder to us that we all have been there or are in the throws of it now. It’s what we call life, however, your statements about sitting still and letting God speak to you is so inspiring. It’s easy to let that world noise get in our way. Thanks for your inspiring words and a gentle reminder to let God be in charge. Happy Easter for he has risen!

    1. I am so grateful for our God, who loved me enough to die for me. He still whispers daily how much He loves me. And encourages me. Imagine the grace he possesses. Awe inspiring.

  3. I often find that if I start my day with rushing thoughts of all the things I have to do, then that will be my day. Rushed and hectic. But, if I start my day quietly and purposefully with Jesus, then that will be the rest of my day. Peaceful and Purposeful.

    1. The older my kids get the more “quietly” I get to begin my day. Now I need to work on the purposeful.

  4. I love how you make the distinction between a human doing and a human being. The American culture especially is so driven that they never truly are able to live. They are pressured and frantic, and then they die. They have no time to sit and contemplate life and connect with Jesus for real. If they spend time with God, it’s just to frantically read Scripture and cram in some prayer and check it all off.

    1. Maya Angelou said “You do the best you can till you know better. Then you do better.” I’m trying to do better every day.

  5. I start my day with bible reading and my prayer journal but I need to be better about being more purposeful and intentional with the time. And not treat it some days like a box to check. I am clearly able to see the difference in my day when the focus is on being nearer to God and setting in with my best friend than the rushed days.

    1. I am right there with you. Keep reaching out to Him. It’s the most important thing you do all day.

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