Hope + Vine


The Hope + Vine program supports young women aging out of foster care in the following ways:

  • Intentionally engage and mentor you through personal relationships.
  • Journey with you as you deepen your faith in a God who loves you.
  • Offer life-skill mentoring through workshops and classes.
  • Help you figure out your next steps through community partnerships.
  • Provide training and employment as artisans in our shop, if applicable.

If you would like to apply for the Hope + Vine program, please fill out this form:


We all have special giftings. Your unique strengths and talents can have an impact in the lives of these young ladies.

We desire for young women aging out of foster care to believe in their value and to be prepared for the life ahead. We aim to support them through this mentoring program. The following opportunities are waiting for you to get involved in a life changing relationship.


The role of the mentor is teaching through relationship, providing a stable connection. Mentors listen and guide, rather than fix and solve.

Artisan Supervisor

The role of the Artisan Supervisor includes teaching the artisan a new skill, supervising the work being created, and maintaining a consistent level of quality.

Artisan Teacher

The Artisan Teacher is someone who teaches and trains the Artisan a new skill. Once the training is complete, the teacher holds no more commitment.


There are many ways contributors can have a huge impact in the lives of these young ladies, whether directly or indirectly. Everyone has unique gifts and talents.