The team of Oh Lord Help Us is the body of Christ in action. Here are the Board of Directors, the Board of Advisors, writers, and those who participate by using their unique skills and talents.

Board of Directors:

Rachael Smith – Founder, Executive Director, Program Director
Katie Braswell – Assistant Director, Editor
Joan Wilkinson – Treasurer
Nicole James – Artisan Director
Hope Anderson – Broken to Beautiful Lead
Lindsay Sommer – Inspiring Hope Lead
Vanessa Hickman – Assistant Program Director

Board of Advisors:

Dodie Smith – Mentor Director
Jeremy Smith – Design & Technology
Elaine Crowell
Emily Jones

Support Crew:

Logan Antwine – Administrative Assistant


Rachael Smith
Katie Braswell
Dodie Smith
Emily Jones
Heather Molaro
Hope Anderson
Brittani Harnden
Anna Jones
Kathy Bradford
Marissa Kern
Kristen Jobe
Kendra Seksay


Tanya Hughley-McKenzie
Mary Burr Edwards
Kendra Seksay