Oh Lord Help Us began humbly as a “mom blog”. It was my desire to encourage other moms to feel comfortable and calm as they parented in their own way. And perhaps I could also share some helpful time and money saving tips along the way.

This was all good and well until my third child was born. It was time to streamline life and let go of unnecessary hobbies. The blog was going to have to go. I had run out of things to say, anyway. How many different ways can I say, “Prep your meals ahead of time.”

As I was about to pull the plug on this little experimental hobby, the Lord spoke to my soul, challenging me, whispering, “This is the thing that has kingdom impact. This is the thing you need to keep.” So I kept writing, began speaking, and added a shop of items to remind women of God’s truth for their lives.


The focus began to change and become clear. The message on my heart was not just for moms, but for all women. It is for the woman who feels messy and broken. It is for the woman who wants to be honest with her struggles, but doesn’t know who to turn to. Honestly, It is for women like myself.

I also did not feel comfortable with this being “The Rachael Show.” My desire was to do ministry with other women. For awhile I was unsure of how to do this, but the answer was so obvious; bring other women on as writers. Now we have a growing team of writers.

There is a burden on my heart for foster care. As the growth of the shop was beginning to overwhelm me, the Lord began pressing on my heart a new thing. Our ministry was to employ young women who are aging out of foster care. We are to hire them as artisans, creating the inspirational jewelry and apparel.


The more I am on this journey, the more I see that this was never my thing. This is God’s mission to redeem His precious daughters. Most days I feel like I am just trying to hang on!

I hope you join us in this journey!

Founder & Director