Talking face to face and hearing one another’s passions and struggles motivates us to keep moving forward in our faith and pursuit of Christ. There are multiple ways to “meet” and join together in encouragement to become the women we were created to be.


During a gathering, Rachael shares a message about replacing the lies in our heads with the truth of what God says about us. Products to serve as a reminder of these truths are also offered.

Home Gathering: This is ideal for a small group of women meeting in an intimate setting at someone’s home or church. The fifteen minute talk allows time for follow up discussion, giving women the freedom to share as deeply as they are comfortable to do so.

Contact Rachael at if you would like to host an event at your home, or as an online Facebook event.

Event Gathering: This is an Oh Lord Help Us sponsored event. The 30 minute talk will leave the participants encouraged and challenged to begin or continue their journey to discover truth. More information on dates will be posted soon!

If you are planning a ladies event, and would like to have Rachael speak, she can be contacted at More information about speaking opportunities can be found here.

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Event: Online Gathering

Our next event will be on Facebook, Sunday, May 20th!

All of us deal with lies. Lies about our past, lies about our abilities, and lies about who we are. But if we expose those lies, we have power over them and can then replace them with truth.

Join us for our first online event and hear how you can replace those lies with truth. Attend the event from the comfort of your of your own home. Simply pull up the event on Facebook, and join in!

Let us know you are coming!

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Are you willing to go a little deeper? There is freedom we experience when we share our lives with others and make ourselves vulnerable. Lead a six week Bible study in your home with other women to fight against the lies, and believe God’s truth. A leaders pack, as well as individual books, can be found in the Oh Lord Help Us Shop.

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