Throughout our lives we have had voices whispering to us, telling us lies. They can start so quietly, so unassuming, that we don’t even notice they are there. Or maybe they have been yelling at us, causing doubts. The voice is so loud, that we think they must be telling the truth. These lies cause us to doubt ourselves, and who God has created to us to be.

We have been created to be confident, beautiful, healthy women with a desire to love the Lord, and to love those around us. Oh Lord Help Us is to be a place where people are encouraged to shake off the lies and live a life of freedom knowing the truth of who God says they are.

When this blog began, it was simply a way to express my heart, to encourage moms, and to give practical advice on how to balance all the things we juggle in life. This new message, however, is not just for moms. It’s for all people, young and old. All of us need encouragement to replace the lies in our heads with the truth of what God says about us.

All proceeds from the items available in the shop will go right back into this ministry. The heart is to be able to contribute financially to other ministries who are directly impacting the lives of women throughout the world.

Let’s join together on this journey to know who we are created to be. Subscribe to the blog to receive encouragement in your inbox. Also come along with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Whether it is through the blog, meeting online, or meeting in person, let’s change the dialogue in our heads, our communities, and our culture.